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Construction Defect Consultants’ president, John McReynolds, CGR GMB CFLC has been providing claims solutions, consulting services, and defect support to Homeowners, Builders, Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Manufacturers for over 15 years.

John McReynolds, CGR GMB CFLC, a construction consultant with over 20 years’ experience, will personally visit and evaluate your construction defect issues. He commonly deals with water intrusion matters, stucco problems, window and door problems, comfort issues, fit and finish deficiencies, design errors, mold problems, maintenance concerns, and many other issues on properties currently under construction to over 100 years old. He has a wide scope of knowledge across most facets of construction.

Practical solutions for construction defect challenges of all types.

John is a consultant who investigates and determines solutions for known or suspected problem as well as providing support for matters in litigation. He is not a Real Estate inspector and does not provide Real Estate inspections for the purchase or sale of a home. He will help you find a repair contractor capable of performing a proper repair at a fair price and together develop a repair plan you can be comfortable with. Contact us to see if we are a fit for your specific situation.

Representative Projects

Poor Waterproofing Can Lead To Extensive Decay

Water Intrusion

Poor waterproofing can lead to extensive decay.

An Improper Framing Method And Failed Flashing Led To A Major Structural Failure

Structural Damage

An improper framing method and failed flashing led to a major structural failure.

Stains Coming Out Of Stucco Can Offer Clues As To The Underlying Damage

Stucco Issues

Stains coming out of stucco can offer clues as to the underlying damage.

This Tile Failure Was Attributed To An Improper Installation Method

General Defects

This tile failure was attributed to an improper installation method.

See our representative projects for more examples of the defects that clients have brought to us for solutions.

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